zero waste

Zero Waste

The University of California will strive to achieve sustainable water systems through reduction of potable water, efficient irrigation systems, and drought tolerant planting selections, and turf removal.

The University of California is committed to reducing waste by the three R's: reducing, reusing, and recycling. As of June 30, 2008, the University plans to have diverted about 50% of municipal solid waste from landfills. As of June 30, 2012, the University plans to have diverted approximately 75% of municipal solid waste from landfills. The year 2020 is the University's ultimate goal of 100% zero waste.

Vermicompost Program

This composting process uses different species of worms, commonly red wiggler or manure worms, to digest organic waste.

Styrofoam Recycling Program

UCR has a unique Styrofoam Cooler Recycling Program in partnership with a local company in Moreno Valley which collects up to 320 coolers per month. More than 8 buildings have Styrofoam collection bins. 


Compost Recycling Bins

Diners at Glen Mor 2 Market and Scotty's are asked to separate their compostable materials from recyclable materials. Additionally, the Highlander Union Building (HUB) uses only compostable utensils and participate in the coffee grind compostable program

Transfer Station

UC Sustainable Practices Policy call for all campuses to reach Net Zero Waste Diversion by 2020. The Transfer Station provides a central location for collecting, weighing, and sorting waste. Scales enable the campus to determine the amount of waste each building on campus is generating and what percentage is recycled or composted. 


Trayless Dining

UCR's Residential Restaurants save water and energy, reduce food waste, and lower dependency on cleansers by serving properly portioned meals and removing trays.

Laboratory Recycling

Recycling in laboratories is also possible: all non-contaminated plastics, aluminum foils and other papers can be recycled, as well as gloves and Styrofoam. Genomics is the first building that has implemented a comprehensive recycling program in all laboratories and recycle close to 300 pounds a month. 



styrofoam recyling
Styrofoam Recycling


Compost Recycling Bins
Compost Recycling Bins
Transfer Station
Transfer Station