Zero Waste Recycling Program

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  • Big-Belly Bins


    BigBelly bins bring a more uniform and modern aesthetic to waste management on campus. Positioned at the hotspots on campus, these 12 new bins provided up to three times as much waste as the previous containers.

    This is due to it’s compactor quality which is powered by the solar panels placed on the top. The bins come in a set of three (landfill trash, recyclables, and compost).

    These bins aid in the effort to implement a unified recycling message across campus and promote composting as another waste diversion stream. Facilities plans to make a complete conversion to these bins as the years progress so keep an eye out for these sleek bins. 

    Find more information in this 2019 article, How UCR’s new smart waste bins will increase efficiency, create more open space. 

  • Compost Recycling

    Food waste is an issue for many universities, and one UCR pushes to reduce. By composting, we allow our food waste to immediately start it’s natural decomposing process rather than having to go to the landfill where, depending on the type of food, can take years to decompose. For this reason, composting bins have been made available at various locations, such as the HUB or Glen Mor Market. Keep an eye out for those green bins to help reduce food waste.

  • Lab Glove Recycling

    This project is put on hold due to campus closure.

    The Office of Sustainability, through the Green Labs Program, is collaborating with EH&S to launch the Glove Recycling Program through Kimberly-Clark. This program will allow research laboratories to recycle their gloves that will be repurposed into eco-responsible plastic products and durable goods. 

  • Student Recycling Program

    Students interested in helping the campus increase it’s diversion rate and contributing to saving the environment are working with Facilities Services. This program enables the campus recycling and waste conversation to be extended to students that bring a fresh outlook on waste diversion. Along with paper and cardboard, the student recycling program added Ivan’s coffee grounds to their collection route. There are plans to use these coffee grounds to help grow mushrooms for the residential hall’s mushroom burger via a vermicomposting system still in the works of being established at UCR.