About Us:

EcoHighlanders at the University of California: Riverside (UCR) is a team of dedicated advocates committed to minimizing the campus’s environmental impact and carbon footprint through engaging education workshops, fun volunteer opportunities, and community outreach.  

We are committed to promoting sustainable living within the UCR community. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed the sustainability policies set by the University of California system and UCR. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality through the implementation of sustainable practices by educating our students about climate change. 

With everyone’s help, even the smallest changes in our daily routines can make a significant difference in protecting our planet. Join us in our mission to protect our environment and create a sustainable future for all. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can shape the future. 

What We Do:

Outreach: EcoHighlanders promotes student engagement through tabling events in dining halls and collaborations with resident advisors (RAs) and program advisors (PAs) by sharing valuable resources and tips through the Office of Sustainability newsletter and social media platforms. 

Education: Host fun and engaging workshops and presentations on diverse sustainability topics, and offer sustainable knowledge and tools for students to make sustainable choices about their carbon footprint. Work together with the resident advisors (RAs) and program advisors (PAs) to integrate sustainability into their educational efforts, further increasing our impact. 

Volunteering: Provide students with volunteer opportunities to get involved in hands-on environment activities. EcoHighlanders organizes trail and beach clean-ups, and partners with local nonprofits on impactful projects like tree-planting with TreePeople, and sustainable workshops. 

Our Goals:
  • Create a culture of sustainability within UCR's residential communities and educate the students about their carbon footprint.  

  • Equip residents with the knowledge and skills to make informed eco-friendly choices.  

  • Reduce the environmental footprint of UCR's residential operations.  

  • Inspire residents to become lifelong advocates for sustainability. 

  • Promote environmental literacy and inspire action for a greener future 

Green Living Guide 2023 by UCR Sustainability

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  • What do we do in EcoHighlanders?

    EcoHighlander’s goal is to engage with students within residential communities and connect them to sustainable initiatives and resources. The primary focus is on promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable living within housing communities.  Our scope includes community outreach, volunteerism, urban greening, climate education and workshops. 

  • What kind of Outreach do we facilitate?

    The outreach we focus on is mobilizing residential life communities by fostering a sense of urgency to drive collective action against the challenges of climate change at UCR.  Our outreach is done through education and awareness, as well as engagement and participation where we focus on building alliances, and long-term engagement for sustainability efforts. 

  • What are some of the Climate Conversations in EcoHighlanders?

    Some of the climate conversations being had in res-life range from zero waste in the dorm halls, to climate justice, and how to reduce emissions operationally on campus while students are here. We like to have a climate conversation at least once a week in our All-staff meetings to get a gauge of what’s going on current event-wise as well as updated information regarding sustainable initiatives and ideas within the UC’s. 

  • Are we the same as Residential Life for Housing Services?

    No, we are not, we are a department within the Office of Sustainability focused on sustainability efforts within residential life communities. We work alongside Residential Life or Housing Services to host a variety of events and connect with RA’s/PA’s.   

  • How do we get involved in EcoHighlanders?

    Follow our social media account for upcoming volunteer events and educational workshops. Sign up for the Office of Sustainability newsletter to stay informed about campus-wide opportunities about sustainability and fun volunteering opportunities.  

Meet the Team: