Zero Waste Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

Eliminating plastic utensils
  • Shift to Metal & Compostable Ware

    While single-use plastics pollute our oceans and land, UCR is making efforts to shift away from plastic products to more easily recycled metal and compostable products. As of Spring 2020, Procurement has switched out certain plastic water bottles for aluminum cans in the Scotty Convenience Store. Dining plans to extend the availability of canned water to dining locations as production increases. In addition, Dining Services has made great strides to eliminate plastic from a number dining locations by replacing the plastic bags and utensils with compostable material and eliminating plastic tops on to go containers. 

  • Hydration Stations

    Supplying fresh, filtered water into the drinking container of your choice, the hydration stations, ultimately, serve to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles used and thrown away. UCR plans to increase the number of these stations throughout campus in the coming years. You find the current locations of these hydration stations in the Water Hydration Map, provided by UCR Healthy Campus.