Zero Waste Dining

Sustainable Dining Practices:

Explore sustainability at Glasgow and Lothian Dining Halls, where according to UCR Dining services approximately 20% of menu offerings are vegan, and 30% are vegetarian. UCR's commitment to eco-friendly dining extends to cooking oil recycling, showcased through dedicated receptacles. Our sustainable procurement practices, aligned with AASHE STARS 3.0, involve tracking purchases of ethically and sustainably sourced foods, accounting for 5% of food spending in 2021-22. Learn more about UCR Dining Sustainability here

Indulge in ethically sourced coffee, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and USDA Organic beverages. With Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recommendations and American Humane Certified poultry, our commitment extends to plant-based products, constituting 29% of food spent in the same period. Since 2006, Dining Services has prioritized BPI-certified compostable food packaging, and our dedication to sustainability also extends to green cleaning chemicals. 

All cooking oil, totaling 100%, is recycled via Baker Commodities Incorporated, a third-party vendor. UCR dining benefits from their provision of durable, leak-proof outdoor containers specifically designed for safe storage of used cooking oil, allowing for optimal utilization of indoor space despite restrictions. Learn more about Baker Commodities.

Vegan & Sustainable Dining Options
The Barn
  • Vegan Burger
  • BBQ Lasso burger
  • Original chicken; Choice of patty and vegan brioche bun
  • Buffalo: Choice of patty and vegan brioche bun.  
  • Hand Battered fried soy chicken strips 


  • Proud Source Spring Water: Comes in a reusable bottle
  • Aquafina: Comes in a reusable bottle
  • Bubly Sparkling Water: Comes in a recyclable can.


  • Veggie straws; Harvest snaps (baked green pea snacks)
  • Potato skins
  • Popcorn
  • Trail mix
  • Pretzels
  •  Vegetarian Bar
  • Sloppy veggie-Joe sliders 
  • Robust soups, 
  • Polynesian soy chicken
  • Garden teriyaki soy beef tips