Electric Trolley

As part of the Sustainability Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI), UCR’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology, in collaboration with the Riverside Transit Agency, has converted a diesel trolley into a 100% electric one charged via a quick charging point fed by 100% renewable energy to research the feasibility of truly net zero public transportation.



The Transportation and Parking Services department partnered up with Zipcar to provide cars that are rentable by the hour. This program helps fill the gaps between those that might not have a car, but still need to get around once in a while.


Pedals Bike Shop

Cycling is not only a healthier alternative to driving, but also leaves a smaller carbon footprint. That is why UCR prides itself as a bike friendly campus. Located in Parking Lot 19, Pedals Shop provides students with bike repairs at discounted prices, advice on how to do self-repairs, and bike, scooter or skateboard parts and accessories.


Storehouse Truck

Deliveries on campus are first unloaded at the Storehouse where they are transferred to reusable boxes in some cases and loaded onto a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck for delivery to reduce short-lived climate pollutants and improve air quality within the campus


Riverside Transit Agency (RTA)

In partnership with Riverside Transit Agency (RTA), UCR provides all its students, faculty, and staff who have a UCR Card free access to public transportation. The UCR Card serves as a bus pass on any RTA fixed-route in Riverside County.


Electrical Vehicle Fleet

20% of fleet vehicles are 100% electric, reducing overall global GHG emissions, while improving local air quality. By addressing Short Lived Climate Pollutants aggressively, we can make a greater impact on long-term Climate Disruption while improving campus wellness.


Bike Racks/Cages

There are many bicycle racks located around campus. There are even bicycle cages that are lockable and even more secure storage within the campus residences to ensure bicycles are safe from theft



UCR faculty and staff with a minimum 50% appointment or full-time graduate students are eligible to participate in the Carpool program. Applicants must travel together a minimum of three days a week for more that 50%of their total commute to campus. One parking permit is issued to a carpool, and all carpool participants are responsible for a portion of the parking permit cost.

Enroll in the Alternative Transportation Program to receive incentives.