The 2019 Fair Trade Conference: Notes from Day 3

By Jasmine Pineda, Madison Reichhold, Kylie Chow, Byron Brooks, and Gabrielle Bronx |
Riverside, Ca –
Jasmine's Notes from Day 3 

#1 Anti Human-Trafficking

   The amount of suffering will only get worse if we don't take action. 

University of Dayton: For the Common Good, Indicators for the Common Good, The SDG’s and Anti Human-Trafficking. 

  • Targets: Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labor.
  • Fair and Ethical sourcing: anti human-trafficking class, advocacy focus, prevention, ‘What Can We Actually Do?’

   Petitioning large corporations that contribute to human trafficking and offering ethical alternatives. Not banning bad companies but promoting the good ones. 

  • Working Group: For fair ethical and sustainable sourcing, good STARS report
  • Sustainable Studies Program: Students learn about human trafficking, make a commitment, align practices and principles. 

#2 Ty Turner (UNICEF)

   152 million children engaged in child labor, child marriages and forced begging. Mining is one of the largest ones. We need a convention on the rights of children. Child Labor is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood. 

  • Addressing Child Labor: Child Protection. 
  • Legal Reform, Education, and Social Inclusion. 

   Ensuring children are integrated into their communities. Working with communities to help strengthen governments. 

  • Birth Registration: the births of nearly 1 in 4 under five have never been registered. If you don’t have a birth certificate it makes you more vulnerable

   Children on the move: 1 in 9 children are now living in a danger zone. Yarn and Spinning Mills: recruited from impoverished areas.

   How we can take action: be a conscious consumer! 

#3 Fighting Human Trafficking in Houston, Kendra Penry (Fair Trade Houston)

   Legislative History: Texas Anti Trafficking Law (2003) and there has been multiple additions since. 

  • Anti-Trafficking Strategic Plan: change public perception
  • Global Fashion Mission
  • Project MP/Human

   Trafficking Project: 360 bags of rice, 4 remote villages in two weeks, $25 per bag of rice feeds a family of four for 3 to 3 months. Purchase of 360 bags of rice, sourced locally. Arrange delivery, transportation for four trips. Choosing the villages, working with local people. Bringing people together, getting to know each other and help each other, help them save themselves. 

The GOAL: eliminating trafficking, creating healthy communities instead. 

Thus concludes the third and last day of our intern's experience at the Chicago Fair Trade Conference, this year.