Greenhouse Gases

The greenhouse gas working group is aimed at addressing greenhouse gas emissions from our campus. Greenhouse Gases are measured within 3 broad areas known as Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

To briefly describe these:

  • Scope 1) emissions caused by on-campus activity such as the use of natural gas or campus vehicles
  • Scope  2) emissions from the production and consumption of electricity
  • Scope 3) these emissions are more student, faculty, and staff centered; they include commuting and air travel emissions. Projects under this working group are aimed to reduce campus emissions and help the campus in reaching its carbon neutrality goals!

We have grouped the UCOP Sustainability Initiatives according to which internal working group they would fall under. Of course, in the bigger picture, each of these initiatives is related to the release of greenhouse gases in some indirect sense, but since some initiatives are a bit more clearly related to Zero Waste and Greenhouse Gases.

For example, sustainable food can be clearly associated with Zero Waste, as in reducing food waste, but indirectly can be related to Greenhouse Gases because when food waste ends up in landfills it releases tons of gas emissions that affect climate change.

So, in this case, we included sustainable food under Zero Waste as the connection is clearer. The following initiatives are those that are included within the Greenhouse Gases working group. Each description for each initiative comes from UCOP’s definition for each. Further information on these initiatives can be found here.

Clean Energy:
Description (goals/policy):

Green Building Design:
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Description (goals/policy):

Climate Protection:
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