Green Labs

Green Labs


The mission of the UCR’s Green Labs group is to promote the reduction of the energy and resource waste created by laboratories at UCR without disturbing the objectives of research. Green Labs works with lab managers, principal investigators, as well as students working in labs, to guide their laboratories into becoming energy efficient and sustainable.

Green labs



  • Educate lab personnel on lab waste and sustainable agriculture 
  • Understand barriers to green lab practice
  • Offer easy and effortless options to reduce waste with little buy-in from researchers 
  • Empower researchers to be strong advocates for sustainability 
  • Create lab space that promotes sustainable practices. 


  • Building wide interactive workshops for educating and discussing green labs and barriers to sustainable science
  • Sustainable Science online modules in collaboration with EH&S
  • Green Labs certification program
  • Reducing Material Waste (Sharing program, don’t buy in bulk)
  • North American Freezer Challenge
  • Incentives for participants at every level
Congratulations to the Ostevik Lab for receiving an Emerald Certification for their incredible efforts in laboratory sustainability!
2022-2023 has been a great academic year for Green Labs, with 9 labs actively enrolled in the Green Labs Certification process as of June 2023 and more signing up every week!
Green labs by department
Green Labs will be returning for certification in Fall 2023, but labs are welcome to fill out the Interest Form and reach out about the Incentive Program throughout the summer.
Green labs certification flowchart
Why Make Your Lab a Green Lab?
  • Reduces waste, energy, and water consumption
  • Improves environmental and personal health 
  • Prolongs equipment life and reduces equipment failures
  • Saves money
  • Nationally recognized, great for adding to grant applications!

UCR Green Labs Certification Interest Form 2022 - 2023


Steps to making your lab a Green Lab:
  1. Pre-Assessment Certification
  2. Implementing Green Lab Practices
  3. Post-Assessment Certification
  4. Certification Ceremony
Green Labs Certification Levels




Eligible labs will receive up to $2,500 or 25% of the cost of new energy-efficient equipment!

green labs incentive flyer


  • Replace old equipment
  • Save money & energy
  • Reduce emissions


  1. Enrollment in Green Labs certification process
  2. All labs (wet or dry) can apply!
  3. Equipment must be certified by one of the following:
    1. EnergySTAR
    2. WaterSense
    3. EPEAT


Just fill out the Green Labs Interest Form to apply!

Funding eligibility will be determined by Green Labs shortly after submission.

Any questions about our Incentive Program can be sent to


In addition to our in-house laboratory certification program, the Green Labs team is also involved in additional projects that aim to promote sustainability efforts within labs:

Glove Recycling Program 
Autoclave Efficiency Research Study 
Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Efficiency Research Study 
International Freezer Challenge