Committee on Sustainability

Committee Charge Letter and Appointments


The purpose of UCR’s Committee on Sustainability is to facilitate and promote the
implementation of sustainability goals, strategies, programs, and resource investments in
support of the University of California’s overall sustainability policies and practices. The discipline
of sustainability includes a diverse spectrum of instruction, research, and administrative efforts
in energy and climate protection, built environments, food production and sourcing, ethical
material procurement, recycling and waste management, transportation optimization, and water
consumption. The Committee will focus on UC Riverside’s sustainability efforts as the University
of California’s policies and net zero carbon goals are carried out.

One common definition for ‘sustainability’ includes: “the ability to meet the needs of the present
while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems, and without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” There are many other complimentary
definitions. The Committee shall be aware of the evolving nature of sustainability as a discipline
and may adopt new definitions which support and advance sustainability efforts as needed.

The Committee is charged with advising UCR’s leadership on matters related to sustainability.
The Committee will meet periodically to review UC Riverside’s sustainability status, efforts, and
advise UCR’s leadership on:
• Overall campus efforts to achieve UC Office of the President policies related to
sustainability goals and targets;
• Creation of UC Riverside policies which achieve or exceed UCOP sustainability goals;
• Endorsement of campus strategies, plans, programs, and actions which advance UC
Riverside toward sustainability goals;
• Potential faculty and student research projects that can be undertaken to help achieve
UCR’s sustainability goals.
• Potential instructional curriculum that can help educate students, staff, and faculty on
different elements of sustainability.

The Committee is advisory to UCR’s leadership and is co-chaired by the Faculty Director of
Sustainability and UCR’s Sustainability Officer. Members are appointed and continue service at
the discretion of Provost. The Committee shall charge and populate whatever subordinate
taskforces are necessary to focus on specific sustainability topics or efforts as needed.