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Green Campus Action Plan

Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) is Sustainability program under UCR's Associate Student Body. 


California Public Interest Research Group 

The California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) is an on-campus organization that strives to address and bring solutions to issues Californians face.

calpirg group

Flying Samaritans at UCR
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The Flying Samaritans (Flying Sams ) is primarily a volunteer organization that serves the Mexican community of El Hongo. They work to bring a sustainable environment in El Hongo with free healthcare and food security.

Flying Sams

Environmental Science Club
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The Environmental Science club offers its members with field trips to geological sites, tours of plants, work/volunteer opportunities with scientists in various areas of environmental science, and much more! 

Sustainable UCR
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Sustainability at UCR focus on projects that work towards sustainable water, food, energy, zero waste, and culture. 

Botany and Entomology Undergraduate Student Association
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The Botany and Entomology Undergraduate Student Association (BEUSA) unites those with an interest in plant and insect science. The association aims to provide students with opportunities to make a difference through this field!

Geology Student Organization
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The Geology Student Organization (GSO) provides insight into its members' surroundings and geology. GSO encourages students, regardless of major, to learn more about this underrepresented field and rely on the organization as a valuable resource.