Clean Energy

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

UCR's main campus has 8 electric vehicle charging stations each with two Level 2 chargers. For quick charge our Center for Environmental Research and Technology offers on Level 3 charger and four Level 2 chargers, all fed by 100% solar power!


Solar Bike Pumps 

The Transportation and Parking services has installed two Solar Air Pumps in order to keep car tires inflated to the correct P.S.I. so that they have the least roll resistance. They also double as bicycle tire pump stations for bicyclist. 


Solar Farm 

On September 15, 2004, UCR's 3.34 MW 11 acre solar farm began sending 100% renewable energy into the campus grid; providing 3% of our total annual energy use while costing less than traditional grid utility electricity.


Mobile Renewable Energy Generator 

Mobile Renewable Energy Generator -- designed, built, and funded by UCR undegraduates -- provides mobile on-site renewable energy in support of green events on campus. 10 solar panels charging 6 one KW batteries and a 165 watts micro wind turbine provide ample power for sound systems. LED event lighting and solar smoothie blending


CE-CERT Solar Carport

Providing much needed shade and renewable electricity, CE-CERT's 500 KW solar PV carport is an integral part of SIGI. The solar array feeds into a 500 KW battery enabling researchers to utilize the renewable energy for building operations and electric vehicle charging


Chung Hall Battery

A gift from Chinese inventor and entrepreneur Winston Chung, the 1.1 MW battery bank provides research opportunities for UCR Faculty, students, and staff while providing additional energy storage to offset peak energy demand


Thermal Energy Storage

6.6 million gallons of chilled water contained in three Thermal Energy Storage tanks provides cooling for 65% of the campus reducing peak energy load of the campus by 2.5 MW. 


LED Lighting 

To meet our Carbon Neutrality Goal of 2025, the campus is engaged in a robust lighting retrofit converting over 100,000 bulbs to LEDs. This will provide energy and hat savings while providing greater control over lighting in our labs, classrooms, offices, and dorm rooms.