Food Waste in the Kitchen and How To Prevent It
By Yvonne Van on
Food Waste In The Kitchen And How To Prevent It Whether working, studying, or any goal we come to combat, its usually difficult to keep in mind to eat nutritiously and within a budget. And when we do have some time and energy to think about healthy sustainable eating, it is difficult to be mindful what foods need to be thrown…
UC Riverside's Solar Farms: Steps Towards Carbon Neutrality
By Mohammed Farajollah, CNI Fellow and PhD Student in Electrical Engineering  on
UC Riverside's Solar Farms: Steps Towards Carbon Neutrality  Have you ever heard about the UC Riverside’s solar farms?    In this blog you will be familiar with the outlines of the solar energy utilization in UC Riverside by a UCR Ph.D. student who is working on the project relevant to the solar farms.    In modern civilization…
UCR Global Food Initiative
A Computer Science Major's Experience in GFI By "Peter" Haoping Wang Peter is a First year graduate student. He's from Guangzhou, China and is currently majoring in Computer Science. His Fellowship Project is on Website Development and is essentially about designing and maintaining the current Global Food Initiative website. His…


Notes on "Carbon Neutrality: Why Universities Should be Trying to Attain it" by Matt St. Clair
By Victoria Osio and Jasmine Pineda on
   Jasmine and I were in the audience of our guest speaker's lecture early January, here're our notes on the slides and points discussed on the third floor of the H.U.B by Matt St. Clair, the UC Director of Sustainability. The Purpose of his lecture: Understanding why universities should achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.     The…
The 2019 Fair Trade Conference: Notes from Day 1
By Jasmine Pineda, Madison Reichhold, Kylie Chow, Byron Brooks, and Gabrielle Bronx on
Jasmine’s Notes: From the evening of Friday March 1st  Kick-off Presenters #1: Whitney Young High school    Whitney Young is a public high school who is the first public school in Illinois to be fair trade certified. The school is very enthusiastic about being more sustainable and promoting global citizenship. The school offers…
Notes on "4th Climate Change Presentation: California Inland Desert Region Assessment" by Francesca Hopkins
By Madison Reichhold & Victoria Osio on
     The "4th Climate Change Presentation: California Inland Desert Region Assessment" by Francesca Hopkins had an excellent turnout. This particular assessment happens every three years and its purpose is to bring greater understanding of California's climate-related vulnerabilities. There are nine regions, each region has an…