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RecycleMania at UC Riverside


The Office of Sustainability, Outdoor Excursions, Sustainable UCR, and Housing, Dining, and Residential Services are collaborating to increase recycling efforts and awareness on our campus through RecycleMania.

What is RecycleMania?

RecycleMania runs from February 2 through March 29 at 461 colleges across North America. This competition is campus wide and includes students, staff and faculty. Campuses compete to see who has the best recycling rate, who has the most pounds of recyclables or who has the highest amount of recyclables per person. Every recyclable you throw into the blue bin - paper, cardboard, plastic (including plastic bags), bottles, and cans - is counted in the competition and brings UCR closer to winning RecycleMania.

UC Riverside currently has a recycling rate of 19.2%, but our aspiration is to reach a recycling rate of 75%.

RecycleMania Week 5

RecycleMania Raffle

As part of the RecycleMania, UCR is hosting a raffle for students, staff and faculty. Prizes include:

  • $50 rental gift card for UCR Outdoor Excursions
  • $25 Starbucks gift card paired with $5 Yogurtland coupons
  • Pack of 25 free kid's meals at Rubio's paired with a veggies basket from UC Riverside Community Garden
  • $10 gift certificate for Back to the Grind (coffee!) paired with a GetAway Cafe's medium-sized pizza (available: 2)
  • Lunch pack: 2 free chicken sandwiches/wraps from RanchOne and 2 free subs from SubStation (availability: 2)
  • Laptop bag
  • Goodies bag: $15 Amazon Toner coupon (ink cartridges), a reusable bag, a toothbrush, and a water bottle (available: 4)
  • $25 gift certificate for the Downtowne Bookstore with a complementary Western Paints portfolio and book
  • $30 gift certificate to Joy Embroidery, a local clothing and embroidery shop

Come visit our Sustainability Booth at the Bell Tower every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to get a card. Then collect four punches by doing any of the following activities:

  1. Self-pic recycling or reusing something shared on FB, Twitter or Instagram with #ucr_sustain and #recyclemania
  2. Playing the recycling game at our table.
  3. Signing recycling pledge on or via text to 91011 "recycle pledge UC Riverside"
  4. Volunteering at the UC Riverside Community Garden
  5. Liking and sharing our FB page

Caught Green Handed

If we spot a student, staff or faculty recycling, using the hydration station or picking up litter, they'll be "Caught Green Handed" and rewarded with a small gift. Check out our Twitter feed (@UCR_sustain) to see the latest winners.

Residence Halls Competition

The UCR Residence Halls are competing to win a private catered event by the Culinary Chameleon through the recycling competition and the food waste reduction challenge.

The Recycling Competition measures how much recyclable materials are recycled at each Glen Mor, Pentland Hills, Lothian and Aberdeen-Inverness per resident. The goal is for residents to increase recycling efforts each week. The overall winner will be the building recycles (by weight) the most recyclables per resident.

The Food Waste Reduction Challenge is that each Residential Restaurant will measure the food waste, and the goal is to decrease food waste every week. The overall winner will be the Residential Restaurant that reduces food waste the most over the course of eight weeks.

RecycleMania compares pounds of recycling and composting across campuses. We are judged by total weight, weight per category (bottles and cans, cardboard, paper, mixed recyclables, technology and organic waste), pounds per student, and overall weight recycled/composted.

History of RecycleMania

RecycleMania started in 2001 as a recycling competition between Ohio University and Miami University. View the increasing trend of growth of schools joining in the competition at

What Else Can You Do?

Take it to the bin!

  • Find your closest recycling bin.
  • Look at what you are throwing away - can it be recycled? Can part of it be recycled? Look for the recycle symbol.
  • Take your clean recyclables to the closest recycling bin. Not one handy? Collect them in a paper bag. if they are clean (and they should be, before you put them in any recycling bin) they won't smell. At your convenience drop them in one of the commingled recycling bins.

How We Measure Waste

Whether it's going to a recycling facility, a composting pile, a waste to energy generator or to a landfill is measured first by weight.

What weighs most? Wet stuff - food, liquids, ice. Empty your bottles, cartons, and cans before recycling them. Put the tops back on them, so they do not leak on other recyclables.

Last year we had a total waste minimization of 17.61 pounds per capita and 3.19 pounds per capita of food!

Responsible Consumerism - November

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