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New Sustainability Related Course in Fall Quarter 2016

New Sustainability Related Course in Fall Quarter 2016


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A preliminary survey of UCR’s course offerings indicates that a range of environmental science and study topics are available to students. While there is some inherent uncertainty in identifying courses that address sustainability given the broad and interdisciplinary nature of the subject, the following courses directly address one or more of the following areas: environmental science, study or management; environmental quality; natural resource use; wildlife ecology or management; environmental policy or law; or other directly-relevant environmental topic as related through the online course description.

Sustainability Curriculum & Research addresses three key tenants: 1) living within limits imposed by available resources and the carrying capacity of our environment; 2) examining the interconnections among the economy, social well-being, and the environment; and 3) equitably distributing resources and opportunities for advancement across places and among generations (CCS Research WG 2012).


University Extension offers a Sustainable Development and Green Building Design professional certificate program. The program introduces the concepts and principles of sustainability through green building design, clean technologies, and innovative approaches to achieving the "triple bottom line" — economic, environmental and social sustainability. The curriculum addresses design and construction ranging from the micro- to the macro-environment as well as overarching subjects like economics and public policy.


The UCR class schedule is a good place for students to search for environment-themed courses offerings. These classes raise awareness to issues affecting our environment.   Below are a few examples of the classes offered at UCR. For Academic Year 2011- 2012, the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences will be focusing their First Year seminar on Sustainability. For more details see the dedicated sections of this website CHASS F1rst.

Sustainability Related Courses



There are several world-renowned centers and institutes at UCR that promote sustainability concepts and principles.


Related Centers & Institutes

Below are links and descriptions to centers that contribute to our environment in a sustainable way.

Center for Conservation Biology

Assists in the conservation and restoration of species and ecosystems by facilitating the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of scientific information.

Center for Environmental Research and Technology

CE-CERT's goals are to become a recognized leader in environmental education, a collaborator with industry and government to improve the technical basis for regulations and policy, a creative source of new technology, and a contributor to a better understanding of the environment.

Center for Ideas and Society

Promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research, pedagogy, and creative production in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at UC Riverside.

Center for Sustainability & Suburban Development

Provides research and analysis with a policy focus on the wide range of issues the suburbs of Riverside and San Bernardino counties face.

Environmental Research Institute

An umbrella institute that will integrate several new and internationally renowned interdisciplinary environmental research centers. In addition to education programs related but not limited to: air, water, bio diversity, and natural resources in order to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Institute for Integrative Genome Biology

Focuses research on insect genomics, plant cell biology/genomics, microbial genomics, mammalian genomics and bio informatics.

Institute for Research on World Systems

Organizes collaborative research among social and physical scientists on long-term, large-scale social change and its ecological, geographical and epidemiological causes and effects.

Natural Reserve System

Consists of a wide variety of habitats, and is intended to ensure that teachers and researchers continue to have access to undisturbed habitats in the future

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