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The UCR Sustainability Certification Program 

The Green Office Audit will help you calculate your office level of sustainability. The audit determines the level of certification you will receive when you complete the initial audit. The Green Office Calculator audits your office based on 9 different categories: Energy, Events & Waste, Mail and Documents, Purchasing, Recycling and Compost, Paperless, Transportation, Networking and Awareness, and Innovation. Your points and score will be calculated automatically for you, with a total of 100 possible points, depending on the sustainable practices your office participates in. Currently, the Arts Department has completed the audit. Each category determines where your office is at currently and what steps can be made in order to reduce your impact. For example, public transportation, paper use, or composting.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below.

click here Green Office Audit Request

click here for Faculty and Staff Sustainability Handbook

click to here fill out the Green Office Audit and send it in to 



Green Office Package

The Green Office Package is a set of green supplies that will be available at the Storehouse for faculty and on-campus offices to purchase. The inventory ranges from refillable white board markers, replacement fillers, Smart Power Strips, compost bins, and compost bags. If your office is interested in these items, email the Office of Sustainability for the storehouse numbers.



Tips on a Greener Office!

  • Rechargeable batteries have a lower total cost of use and a lower impact on the environment compared to disposable batteries!
  • Smart power strips to reduce phantom power. Did you know that even when you're not using an electronic device and have the power switch turned off that it STILL draws electricity?
  • Eating vegetarian cuts your carbon footprint? Just by reducing your meat consumption by 5%, enough grain could be saved to feed 25 million people.
  • Millions of barrels of oil go into producing bottled beverages annually; be a responsible consumer by using reusable mugs and dishware!
  • Printing double-sided is an excellent and easy way to save paper. Trees are a precious natural resource!
  • Use post-consumer paper. Post-consumer is having been used and recycled for reuse in another consumer product.
  • Compost coffee grinds and tea leaves.
  • Scanning your paper documents can reduce the space and waste formed from paper.
  • By scanning your documents you can use electronic signatures.
  • Avoid printing by taking notes and reading presentation slides on your computer or iPad. This means zero paper use!
  • Sharepoint allows people to set up websites to share information and manage documents with others.
Responsible Consumerism - November

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