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Make Your Next Event Green Certified!

The Office of Sustainability offers certification on green events. Recently, The Office of Sustainability assisted the Associated Student Programming Board on making their annual Spring concert sustainable. If you are interested in making your even green certified, please email

Tips for a Green Event: 

  • Reusable Water bottles
  • Paperless
  • Landfill, Compost, and Recycling bins

Office of Undergraduate Education: Undergraduate Research hosted their 2014 Undergraduate Research Programs Orientation with the help of the Office of Sustainability to reduce their waste.

  • Compost, Recycling, and Trash Bins with volunteers assisting with proper disposal
  • Recyclable plates
  • Healthy food options: Veggie platter and sandwiches
  • Reduced waste by eliminating utensils

green event

At the orientation event: Compost, Recycling, and Trash bins set up.

Butt Bash Clean-Up:  University of California Riverside Tobacco Free

Total Collected October 11, 2013: 1,388

Total Collected Post Protocol on March 13, 2014: 544

Total Colelcted Post Protocol #2 on May 30, 2014: 1,078

The UCR Office of Sustainability has hosted three clean-ups for UC going tobacco free. Our first clean up was before the protocol was implemented, and we collected a total of 1,388 cigarette butts. Our second clean-up was post protocol, and the amount of tobacco butts collected was reduced by 40% to 544 cigarette butts. Our third clean up was during Spring quarter, the second clean up after the protocol went in action. During this clean-up we collected a total of 1,078 cigratte butts. We presume this increase in cigarette litter is from students and faculty discovering hidden locations where they can smoke without being caught. Also, it can determine that cigarette litter has increased due to the removal of ash trays and not enough signage that reads "Tobacco Free Campus."

These jars have the total amount of cigarette butts collected on March 13th.


Spring Splash: Certified Green Event

Spring Splash was the first main event that attempted to go zero waste. The event had 48 two-station washing stations, 2 water stations that accommodate 16,000 guests, a tri-bin waste system, and a mobile renewable energy generator.The tri-bin waste system had high collection numbers. The tri-bin waste system consisted of a compost bin, recycling bin, and landfill.

  • Landfill 263 lbs.
  • Compost 327 lbs.
  • Recycling 582 lbs.

Upcoming Green Events

The Renewable Energy Generator:


Responsible Consumerism - November

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