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Eco Leader Role

A Lab Eco-Leader is a lab member who cares about resource consumption and would like to volunteer to encourage the efficient use of energy, water, and material goods in his or her lab.

A Lab Eco-Leader acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of conservation in their lab.  A Lab Eco-Leader is a lab member who:

  1. Acts as the lab point of contact for UCR Green Lab Coordinator
  2. Helps identify opportunities for resource conservation (energy, water, and material goods)
  3. Discusses changes with the Principal Investigator (PI) before changes are implemented
  4. Solicits ideas/feedback from other lab members
  5. Trains new lab members in Green practices
  6. Encourages sharing of equipment between labs
  7. Promotes green purchasing of equipment and supplies
  8. Finds a new lab member to take on the role of Lab Eco-Leader before leaving the lab

If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact the Office of Sustainability @

What are the benefit of being Green Lab Certified?

  • Recognition as a model for cutting edge laboratory sustainability
  • Increased research efficiency
  • Certified labs qualify for energy efficient equipment incentives

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