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Recycling in Laboratories: this is possible!

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Recycling in Laboratories: this is possible!

By Sustainability Interns | April 1, 2016

The humming of the autoclaves, people wearing lab coats, long rows of counter tops, and scientific instruments set up everywhere–it’s another day in a graduate student research building. Each week, the Green Lab Team gathers together to do a recycling audit in each of the research labs. We hope to educate researchers about the importance of being green as they conduct their experiments in their labs. Throughout the quarter, we would check the recycling bins to make sure that all of the contents are recyclable. As a team, we would also share with people what kind of items are considered recyclable. Many people were surprised to hear that paper towels and certain brands of latex gloves could not be placed in the bins because of contamination and they are already made from materials that could not be broken down any further. Over time, we found that the program was working very well! Each week we saw improvement and the recycling bin was always more full than the trash bins. Check here what can be recycle: mix recycling sign.

Carleen Rodriquez

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