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Save Energy by Defrosting Lab Freezers

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Save Energy by Defrosting Lab Freezers

By Sustainability Interns | February 9, 2016

This month in sustainability, I helped Delphine by defrosting lab freezers and testing ULT freezer at lower temperatures. It was fun installing the probes in the freezer, we are testing them at -70 and -80 degrees Celsius.

We give the research labs the opportunity to defrost their lab freezer by providing them with an empty freezer to use while the defrosting happens. When all the frost is gone, the freezer starts to work at the most efficient level again, saving lots of electricity use in the process.

What a Lab Freezer looked before: lots of frost and not energy efficient at all.

What a lab freezer looks like after: clean, no frost, energy efficient.

In the upcoming weeks we will be providing empty freezers to researchers, upon request. The main purpose of this program is to save energy. Energy savings are reached when the existing freezer defrost completely. After defrosting their freezers they will work more efficiently.

Testing freezers at a higher degree Celsius will provide important data that will allow researchers to raise the temperature of their freezer while saving energy.


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