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What’s New at the R’Garden

By Sustainability Interns | April 7, 2015

Hello Readers,

Our community plots have finally opened up! It’s so exciting to see this project reach it completion after months of work and preparation. I remember when I first started interning at the community garden; the entire south half was just flat, solid dirt. We’ve come so far!

During the first week of the quarter, we held orientations for the recently selected plot holders. A good amount of them came out to the garden to see their newly acquired plots right after the first orientation, watching them think about and plan what they were going to do with their space was enthralling, I could see a subtle smile on a few of their faces. Being able to answer their questions was also a blast if I may add. Hopefully these aren’t going to be the only people able to acquire a piece of the garden, we are planning on adding more so that the western portion of the R’Garden will be filled with plots also!

After talking about the compost in my last blog post, I feel that it is necessary to update you all on its current status. It’s so close to being ready! We recently acquired a fun little compost aid called a tumbler, which is basically a large cylindrical drum flipped on its side and raised about 3 feet off of the ground with the support of its metal legs. So basically, you open it up and put an appropriate ratio of brown, dry organic waste and green organic waste, then you simply close it up and spin it around to mix all the organic matter up! It’s a little bit more fun that the traditional flipping of the compost with pitchforks and shovels so the tumbler is definitely a great new addition to our equipment.

On a different note, one great thing about this fabulous time of year is that all of the flowers are blooming! We have an entire row dedicated to these large leaved flowering plants. The flowers are this beautiful light purple and its really adding some color to the garden! Most of them should flower soon, so be sure to come by and check those out.

Our spring crops are also coming in very nicely, we have tons of snow peas and strawberries, we haven’t had much luck from our potatoes yet but hopefully we will start to see them sprout in the next ten weeks. The garden has a lot coming up in this new quarter! We are hoping to host some workshops and get some more people involved. We still have tons of work to do, our greenhouse/warehouse area is in the process of being cleaned up, and there is still a lot of weeding to do.

That’s pretty much everything going on in the garden at the moment, if you ever feel like helping out don’t hesitate to stop by. There’s always something to do!


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