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On-Campus Sustainability Presentations

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On-Campus Sustainability Presentations

By Sustainability Interns | February 10, 2015

An ongoing event that I have been involved in includes giving sustainability presentations to the 1st year students living in the residence halls and campus apartments. Usually, the RA’s would reach out to the Office of Sustainability with their request of having a representative come and talk about sustainability in the dorms. So far, I have been able to give multiple presentations (30-45 minutes long) in Stonehaven and Lothian. Per request of the RA, I provide supplemental brochures, flyers, stickers, and pens – just about anything to get the residents involved.

I try to make my presentations as interactive as possible by having the residents play the Recycling Game and relating the topics of water and energy consumption to their daily lives. Such topics include: What is or Isnt Recyclable, Composting, Battery/Pen Recycling, Reducing Water and Energy Usage, and Actions Students Can Take To Become More Sustainable. I also make sure to inform students of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities with the Office of Sustainability.

Currently, the Pen Recycling Program is in full action. Pens are items that are often overlooked as being recyclable. It is useful to create awareness of everyday items that all students use and to challenge the notion that pens, markers, and highlighters are seen as “trash” when they are no longer in use. As of now, I am handing out inter-department envelopes to organizations that are interested in collecting the used pens. If your organizations is interested in participating, please contact me at elek001@ucr.edu.

My goal is to get students to reconsider or question some of their daily (bad) habits and to hopefully, become more mindful of their actions.


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