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The Gift of Growth – Episode 1: What That Means To Me and What It Can Mean For You


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The Gift of Growth – Episode 1: What That Means To Me and What It Can Mean For You

Friday, April 17th, 2015

This quarter I am graduating, so naturally I’ve been reflecting on my time here at UCR and that in the community garden. It is Spring of 2015 and I have been working in the garden almost on a daily basis for a year now. Last year was the first time I started volunteering in the [...]

The Drought

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

What is it? Droughts occur in virtually all climates. Of all weather-related phenomena that have potential to cause severe economic impacts in the US, droughts come in second only to hurricanes. A drought is defined as a period of drier-than-normal conditions that results in water-related problems. At times in which rainfall is below average for [...]

What’s New at the R’Garden

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Hello Readers, Our community plots have finally opened up! It’s so exciting to see this project reach it completion after months of work and preparation. I remember when I first started interning at the community garden; the entire south half was just flat, solid dirt. We’ve come so far! During the first week of the [...]

Recycled Pen Box Contest!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

The Office of Sustainability will be holding a contest for homemade, artistic, and creative boxes for our campus community to recycle used pens in. Each box must be around the size of a shoe-box and have an opening large enough for a pen to fit through. The artistic recycled pen boxes will be placed throughout [...]

Implementing Innovation in Design Meaures at Glen Mor 2

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Since my time as a LEED intern at the UCR Office of Sustainability, I have been exposed to the various ways UCR and other schools have designed their green buildings. Many universities have joined the movement to build LEED certified buildings, and many of them are seeking more than just certification – but a higher [...]

Kiana Said – Environmental Science

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Kiana Said I graduated last year from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science, with an emphasis on Natural Sciences. With this major, I was exposed to many different environmental quality courses focused on air, water, soil, economics and policy. During my undergraduate education, and beginning in my [...]

International World Water Day – March 22, 2015

Friday, March 6th, 2015

International World Water Day is an annual event held on March 22nd that serves to focus attention on the importance of drinkable water, as well as the advocating of sustainable management of freshwater resources. The first World Water Day took place on March 22,1993. Previously, the theme of water and energy as a pair was [...]

Sustainability Games

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Hey everyone! The Office of Sustainability has a new program in place for UCR students to increase awareness about the impact they have on the environment – the Sustainability Games! Every Thursday, my fellow coworkers and I are on Campus, we gather students to participate in the Sustainability Games – such as trivia about the [...]

A New Kind of Food Economy

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

What: Student Convergence at Cal Poly Pomona Why Students Should Care? A regenerative food system will not emerge without the effort of young students   In February, the gang took a trip up to Cal Poly Pomona for a convergence. We have decided to build a better network with universities and colleges in the Inland [...]

Gross but It’s Growth: Cleaning the Cold Storage in the Garden

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Main idea: Cleaning up the cold storage building on the outskirts of the garden is hard and really dirty work, but the benefits of having an indoor space at the garden motivates us to continue working. Why should students care? With the addition of this space, we can: increase open garden hours, create a multi-use [...]

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